Sunday Football Pick-Up Packages from Coppa

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Football is back and the folks at Coppa are reviving their Sunday Takeout Packages for your dining/watching pleasure. See who’s coming over for game day choose between the 1st and Goal (for 4-6 people), which includes 3 grinders, 3 pizzas and a caesar salad, and the Pick 6 (for 10-12 people), which comes with 6 grinders, 6 pizzas and a caesar salad. Both packages will be available for pre-order and pick-up every Sunday between 11:00am and 9:30pm. Scope out the packages below and call 617.391.0902 or email to place your order. Ask about (or keep an eye on the Coppa website for) add-ons like curated collections of wine & beer, charcuterie, and specials like buffalo-style pigs tails.

1st & GOAL
3 Grinders
3 Pizzas (2 Margherita/ 1 Pepperoni)
& Caesar salad
Serves 4-6

6 grinders
6 pizzas (3 Margherita/ 3 Pepperoni)
& Caesar salad
Serves 10-12

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