Sagra del Pesce at Grotto

On Tuesday, April 12th, chef Scott Herritt hosts his own Sagra del Pesce at Grotto, or Fishermen’s Feast (for those of you whose Italian is not quite up to par). Celebrated all over Italy, Fisherman’s Feasts are days on which to enjoy the ocean’s gifts to the people of Italy. Since the ocean’s been pretty good to the people of Boston, too, Herritt has designed a menu to celebrate the great variety and abundance of fresh seafood available here. The four-course dinner, which starts at 7:30pm, costs $40 dollars per person and will offer two seafood choices per course. Dessert will be Herritt’s rendition of the North End favorite “lobster claw” dessert. Call Grotto at 617.227.3434 to make reservations.

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