Lolonis Winery Dinner at Excelsior

Chef Eric Brennan welcomes Maureen Lolonis, proprietor of Redwood Valley’s Lolonis Winery to Excelsior on Tuesday, May 17th. Reservations are required for the five-course menu of freshly shucked oysters with preserved lemon peel and assorted caviar; roulade of native sole and finnan haddie with butter poached lobster cider – lobster veloute; Tellicherry pepper-studded duck breast with wood oven roasted mushrooms, smoked duck confit polenta and plum sauce; and char-grilled Colorado lamb leg with creamy spring succotash, lamb jus, rosemary pesto. Pastry chef Molly Hanson wraps things up with crème caramel ‘Eugenia’ macerated apricots and rose petal jam. The dinner costs $110 per person not including tax or gratuity. Call 617.426.7878 to make reservations.

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