Hojoko Karaoke Contest

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Grab those hairbrushes and get yourself in front of the mirror: it’s time to start practicing your song. Hojoko takes karaoke seriously, which is why they’re inviting you to belt out your best at their Karaoke Championship taking place the last three Sundays in February. Every week from 10:00 to 11:30pm, sixteen contestants will compete for the title and a sweet suite of gift-cards highlighting different neighborhoods. Sign-ups start at 9:00pm, and are on a first-come, first-served basis (so get there early!). Every contestant will pick their two best songs, and will be judged by Qween Toast, Chick Pea and Akiro Oni, three Berklee students who are active in the city’s drag scene. The week one prize package features gift cards from Central Square restaurants, week two is the South End, and week three is a Garret Harker joint getting you goodies from Island Creek Oyster Bar, The Hawthorne, Eastern Standard, and Row 34 (each package is valued at $150). There are runner-up prizes too, but keep your eye on the prize and go for glory — there can be only one Karaoke Champion.

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