Vino Day at Eataly Boston

Eataly Boston Website

Are you a wine nerd? Get ready to geek out over Eataly Boston’s never-done-before sale on Saturday, May 18th. Take 20% off your purchase when you pick up six bottles or more, beginning at 10:00am — and yes, nothing is off limits. You can search through more than 1,200 bottles (even those in the riserva room, which houses Eataly’s top selection of vinos that are made with riper grapes and undergo longer periods of aging). Prepare for the sale all week long starting on Monday, May 13th with daily complimentary wine tastings, $10 pours by the glass and lots of free classes to fill your mind with helpful info on grape growing, different varietals & regions and production. Peruse the celebration specifics here.

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