Clown Shoes Beer Dinner

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The folks from Clown Shoes are heading to A&B Burgers in Beverly on Tuesday, September 10th, and they’re bringing a bunch of their unique brews with them. You may have tried one of their barrel-aged creations, sampled something mixed with fruit puree or snagged a limited-release ale, but the true power of their unpretentious concoctions can only be fully appreciated alongside grub that’s equally as fantastic.

Take a seat by 6:30pm to begin working your way through a four-course menu filled with both comfort classics (sliders & cherry cobbler) and upscale eats (burrata & duck wings). Tickets are $45 not including tax & gratuity (there’s a teeny processing fee as well), and you can peep the menu below. Snatch yours up here so you can get sippin’.

First Course
Clown Shoes Baked Goods
Burrata and Apricots
Citrus and Lavender Preserved Apricots
Burrata || Fried Basil || Ciabatta Crostini || Olive Oil

Second Course
Clown Shoes Space Cake
Orange-Honey Soy Duck Wings
Tender and Crispy Duck Drummettes || Scallions || Sesame

Third Course
Clown Shoes Zen’s Garden
AJ King Brioche and Pinelands Beef Slider
Peach Salsa || Rosemary Goat Cheese || Citrus and Black Pepper Bacon || Black Garlic Jam

Fourth Course
Clown Shoes White Clementine
Cherry Cobbler
Rosemary Powdered Sugar || Vanilla Ice Cream

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