3rd Annual Grilling Social at Tremont 647

Chef Andy Husbands invites chefs Tony Susi of Sage and Anthony Caturano of Prezza over to Tremont 647 on Tuesday, August 8th for the third annual Grilling Social. From 6:00-9:00pm, guests can mill about on the patio sipping Harpoon and sampling items hot off the outdoor grills, or cool off inside nibbling on tidbits right out of Tremont 647’s wood fired grill. Husbands specialty for the evening will be wild striped bass diablo with foccacia and garlic herb butter. Susi will be serving up grilled and sliced leg of lamb with marinated eggplant and roasted red peppers, and Caturano will be offering roast suckling pig sandwiches. The Grilling Social costs $35 per person (or $30 if you’re a Friend of Harpoon), which includes tax and gratuity, food and two pints of Harpoon. Call Tremont 647 at 617.266.4600 to get your tickets.

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