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Part of being a dedicated foodie influencer is being open to trying a variety of restaurants and cuisines. And Erin Kelley, the instagrammer behind @adventurous__erin is nailing that. She’s built up a loyal following thanks to her willingness to travel all over town and share what she loves in a genuine, authentic way. Read on to hear about her favorite spots in the Boston area, her tips for engaging with other local influencers, and much more.

Tell us a little about yourself. How’d you end up in Boston, and what inspired you to create your Instagram account?

I grew up about thirty minutes outside of Boston and have been in the area ever since. I ventured to another New England state to attend college (Can you guess where? Go Wildcats!).  I love all the amazing spots New England has to offer. I started this food account after visiting a friend in LA. There was such an awesome food scene out there and I had some great photos from the trip, so I decided I needed a place for them. I never imagined my account would become more than a place to post my food photos for my friends. Now I feel like I’m part of such an amazing foodie community! I’ve made some great friends and been to so many amazing restaurants. It’s been so much fun.

What makes the Boston restaurant scene special?
The Boston restaurant scene is special because there are so many options, each one really having its own personality. There is truly something for everyone. You have places with different types of cuisines, laid-back spots, places you go for the atmosphere, small family owned joints, chain restaurants, large restaurants…you name it! You really can never run out of options!

Name the top five dishes on your Boston food bucket list.

Coming up with only 5 is tough!

  • MEX in Cambridge: I’m not sure what I loved more, the Churro Espresso Martini or the Charred Street Corn, but both are must-try menu items. Visit when it’s warm to go enjoy the adorable roof deck!
  • Donut Villa Diner in Cambridge: If you love donuts as much as I do, this is the place for you. Get the Donut French Toast and thank me later!
  • Crazy Good Kitchen in Boston: The Buffalo Chicken Fries are an absolute MUST. After you enjoy those, get The Hot Mess. Make sure to get the cheese for dipping!
  • Next Door in East Boston: So this one isn’t a specific dish, but who doesn’t love a speakeasy? A small place that is truly a vibe. Their drinks have such a great presentation… plus they taste amazing!
  • Karma in Burlington: The Salmon on Fire. This not only tastes incredible, but the presentation is immaculate! Who doesn’t love a flaming dish? So delicious and beautiful

What do your friends and family think of your life as an influencer?

My friends and family have always supported my page! My friends especially love when they get to join me for food events. Some definitely had to get used to me bringing out my very bright light and taking a million photos before they were allowed to touch anything, but everyone has become accustomed to my ways now. People love to hear about my food adventures and ask me for recommendations all the time!

What’s your food photography/videography philosophy, and can you share your top tips for taking awesome food photos or videos? Do you use any fun tools or equipment for snapping the best ‘gram worthy content?

I like the content I share to be as real and authentic as possible. I only ever share dishes and experiences I’ve genuinely enjoyed! One thing I can’t live without when it comes to taking food photos or videos is my light! Restaurant lighting can be so unpredictable so having your own source of light is so important. I love my Lume cube. It gives off great light, has settings for brightness, and is so portable!

What advice would you give someone just starting out as an influencer? Don’t get caught up in your likes, your follower count, or your views. It’s more important to have fun and enjoy sharing content. Keep posting things that are authentic to your style. Most importantly, give love to others in the foodie community and you’ll make great connections!

Which Boston restaurants and chefs are nailing it on social?

Anytime I see them they have me wanting to go back! Droolworthy content all around.

Beyond chefs, what are your top three favorite food Instagram accounts to follow?

  • @bottomlyssbites: I’ve loved watching her page evolve & grow! Her content is fire and she’s one of my favorite foodie pals.
  • @mydietistrash is slaying the insta game. Her reels always have me drooling. And she’s the sweetest!
  • @travelikealocalma has not only food spots, but fun things to do and great places to visit in MA and across New England!

Favorite spot that everyone should try once: Sulmona

Favorite place to splurge: Wicked Craft

Favorite brunch spot: Lucy’s or Bowery Bar

Favorite pizza joint: Mortadella Head

Favorite neighborhood for food: I’m a sucker for the North End.

Favorite spot to take visitors from out of town: Donut Villa Diner or Crazy Good Kitchen

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