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Chef Carolyn Johnson and her talented and adaptable team at 80 Thoreau have added ready-to-heat, eat-at home meals-for-two to their weekly repertoire. The menus, which are usually around $55 per couple, drop at the beginning of the week on the 80 Thoreau website (on Sunday but you’ll want to sign up for the 80 Thoreau email newsletter so you don’t miss out).

Once you know you want in, send an email to andrew@80thoreau.com before 4:00pm on Monday and they’ll have your dinner packed and ready for pick-up (or delivery in and around Concord) on the following Thursday between 12:00 and 5:00pm. Sure, it takes a little planning but your forethought will be rewarded with goodies like cauliflower and lobster bisque, short rib and red wine stew and vanilla yogurt mousse. They’ve even picked a wine to pair — just keep an eye out for Ian’s Pairing and add it (or cocktails, if you prefer) to your order. 

Sample Menu 
Cauliflower & Lobster Bisque

Frisee Salad
Oranges, fennel, & poppy seed dressing

Short Rib & Red Wine Stew
Root vegetable roesti

Vanilla Yogurt Mousse
Mixed berry coulis & candied fennel

Veal & Rabbit Lasagna $30
Mushrooms, parmesan, and spinach (sold frozen, serves 4)

Seafood Shepard’s Pie $35
Lobster, pollock, smoked swordfish, and scallop veloute topped with duchess potatoes

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