Puritan & Co. Restoring the Store

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Puritan & Co. is planning a mini break in mid February so you’d better get your fill now. Chef Will Gilson, who’s been busy opening restaurants left and right at Cambridge Crossing, will be shuttering his OG restaurant for three weeks starting February 8th to do some repairs and get the 2021 patio ready for prime time.

Lucky for you, they’re a thoughtful bunch over there in Inman Square so they’ve given you a good couple weeks to make the most of Pizza Thursdays, Patty Melt Fridays and Prime Rib Sundays. Make sure to stock the pantry with those earl gray dulce de leche cookies, chocolate peppermint ice cream, truffle mac and cheese bake and delicious wines. If you plan accordingly (hide those cookies!) the three weeks will fly by and you’ll be sipping cocktails on Patio 2.0 before you know it.

Get your pre-orders in now (you can place them up to 5 days in advance) to make sure to secure everything that you need and support the team while they do a little primping. 

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