Drink Like A Tastemaker


If you keep up with the Meet The Tastemakers column, you know full well that Boston is filled with folks who are passionate about food and drink. Here, three local influencers share their go-to gifts during the holidays for their cocktail-loving friends and family.

Hear from Boston Mouthful, Boston Foodgram and Boston Food Journal on what makes a memorable and meaningful boozy gift this season — from laser engraved whiskey glasses to a copper pineapple tumbler to a liquor infusion set. Read on for the complete guide.

Boston Mouthful

Engraved Glasses. If you’re looking for a truly personal gift, I always turn to Etsy. I got these whiskey tumblers engraved with Phish lyrics for my boyfriend and he loved it.

Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes. This is one of my favorite websites for funky, creative gifts. These are so much fun and pretty unique — sure to impress a friend!

Ice Ball Mold. Seems simple, yet they really elevate a drink. They’re easy to use and don’t melt as quickly as regular cubes, not to mention they’re a lot prettier, too!


Boston Foodgram

Teroforma Liquor Infusion Set. This gift is perfect for a friend who loves to make their own cocktails or host events! Liquor infused at-home will make their cocktails unique and will impress their guests at holiday parties!

Extra-Large Ice Cube Tray. Large ice cubes will really elevate your friend or family’s at-home cocktail aesthetic. These ice cubes will keep a drink cold for longer and prevent drink dilution!

Cocktail Mixer Caddy. This gift is ideal for a cocktail lover who wants to create delicious cocktails without much effort! This mixer set allows you to make a variety of delicious drinks without buying a million ingredients.


Boston Food Journal

An On The Rocks Cocktails Flight. I was recently gifted a flight of OTR Cocktails and fell in love with the concept. OTR makes ‘ready to serve’, pre-made cocktails that you simply pour over ice to serve. Pro tip: order The Aviation.

A Copper Pineapple. It may not be practical — but it’s cute as hell and the perfect way to elevate your cocktail game.

A Cute Cocktail Shirt. For your holiday party! For all your mixologist friends out there.

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