Game Day Eats from a Fenway Fave

Eventide Fenway Facebook

Got some seafood-loving football fans in your crowd? Give ‘em what they want come Sunday evening with a little help from chef Ian Maschal and his crew at Eventide Fenway. The folks at the Fenway spot have put together a takeout package featuring clam chowder, party-sized chicken and fish sandwiches, party-sized cheeseburgers and mini lobster rolls with sides like nori dusted potato chips, coleslaw and kimchi. There’s dessert, too! Whoopee pies and oatmeal cream pies, to be specific. Packages, which are designed to feed six hungry football fans, cost $105. You can call 617.545.1060 with any questions or just go on and email your Super Bowl Sunday order to before 6:00pm on Thursday, January 31st.

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