Waterfront Whisky Dinner

Boston Harbor Hotel

Americans’ recent rediscovery of whiskey hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the drinking world, and other countries have been eager to hop on the brown booze express. One of the fastest growing names in the game is Japan, which has been quietly perfecting the art of whiskey making for decades and now makes some of the most sought-after spirits on the market. On Tuesday, January 23rd, row your boat to Rowes Wharf Bar in the Boston Harbor Hotel for a three-course Suntory whiskey dinner from Chef Daniel Bruce. A reception will kick things off at 6:30, with some delicate Toki whiskey and apple-smoked sea scallops, followed by dinner featuring some of Suntory’s finest paired with decadent delights like butter-poached lobster and griddled banana bread. Tickets are $120 for this sumptuous spread; have a gander at the full menu and snag your tickets online here.


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