Chef’s Dinner with Ketel One Botanical

TRADE website

On Saturday, June 22nd, TRADE is celebrating summer with a Chef’s Dinner featuring the culinary talents of their very own Jody Adams paired with the fresh flavors of Ketel One Botanical Vodka. Drop by for a double-dose of fresh ingredients (and definitely no artificial flavors) during a three-course menu paired with a trio of Ketel cocktails. Each course incorporates an herbaceous spirit like Grapefruit + Rose and Peach + Orange Blossom right in the recipe as well as in the cocktail on the side, so don’t miss out on this boozy dinner. Tickets are $125; peep the full menu and book your tickets here.

Oysters + Spicy Cucumber Mint Granita
Vodka Doused Frozen Watermelon + Feta
Tuna TarTar Bites
Paired with: ‘Lady Luck’ featuring Cucumber + Mint Ketel One Botanical Vodka

Arangota e Vongole featuring pappardelle, fresh tomatoes, Ketel One Grapefruit + Rose Vodka, Lobster, and Clams
Paired with: ‘Balanced Breakfast” featuring Grapefruit + Rose Ketel One Botanical Vodka

Seared Duck Breast featuring vodka macerated roasted peaches, farm greens, and toasted almond
Paired with: ‘The Dabbling Duck” featuring Peach + Orange Blossom Ketel One Botanical Vodka

Classic Tiramisu
Paired with: ‘Le Coupe de Grace” featuring Ketel One Vodka

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