Soy Sauce & Koji Making Workshop

Digging For Roots

So you’ve mastered dunking your sushi in soy sauce, but now it’s time to expand your soy enjoyment. In a dual session at Commonwealth Restaurant on Sunday, February 25th,  Rich Shih, owner of OurCookQuest (and the go-to guy in the fermentation space) will start the day exploring a variety of applications for soy (beyond stir-frying, which you’ve probably also already mastered) including homemade ketchup, caramelized onion jam and even butterscotch.

At the end of the first session, you’ll start a modern soy sauce to take home, or to set aside while you stick around for the afternoon session, which will explore the koji making process. If you haven’t heard of koji before, it’s the base of many fermented products you probably use regularly, like sake, miso and soy sauce and it involves involves inoculating a grain with the mold Aspergillus oryzae. You’learn all about it.

Stay for the whole day, or choose just one session (there’s a decent discount for participating in both classes and both include lunch). Tickets run $38.76 through $76, depending on your lunch selection and the number of sessions you choose to attend. Get yours here.

The Lunch

  • Koji Horchata Tea
  • General Gao Gyro (Chicken or Falafel) with Tsukemono Tzatziki
  • Greek Salad – Quick Soy Pickled Cucumbers, Bettarazuke Beets & Smoked Feta Miso Dressing

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