Outlook’s Super Bowl Specials


Stack the odds in the Patriots’ favor by stopping by the Outlook at the Envoy on Super Bowl Sunday — the kitchen’s Executive Chef, Tatiana Pairot Rosana, is a two-time winner of Chopped, so she’s bound to be some sort of good luck charm, right? In addition to their regular menu, the Seaport spot will have a few specials with a hint of Cuban influence, taking cues from Rosana’s heritage. Try Tostones (crispy, twice-fried plantains) with a big ol’ bowl of guacamole; order up Cuban Sliders with smoked ham, braised pork, gruyere, jalapeno and mustard on Hawaiian sweet rolls; or opt for Cognac Mac & Cheese (not a dish from the Caribbean, but delicious nonetheless) with smoked gouda, aged cheddar and garlic bread crumbs. Call 617.338.3030 with any Qs.

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