Chat Sustainable Seafood at WBUR’s CitySpace

WBUR CitySpace

Is there a way to eat seafood responsibly and be good stewards of our local oceans? Join chefs and seafood experts Barton Seaver and Row 34’s Jeremy Sewall to find out during a lively discussion on seafood sustainability with WBUR climate and environment correspondent Barbara Moran on Monday, December 5th at 6:30pm at CitySpace.

The two award-winning chefs and cookbook authors will be chatting about their passion for fish, untapped species of fish in New England waters, and how climate change will shape what we’ll see on our plates as part of ‘BUR’s monthly Curated Cuisine series. Tickets are $15 to $25, which you can pick up here. Brookline Booksmith will have Seaver’s book The Joy of Seafood and Sewell’s book The Row 34 Cookbook available to buy, and the chefs will be signing books after the talk. Find out more about Seaver’s seafood sustainability mission here, and keep up with Sewall’s Boston, Burlington, and Portsmouth restaurants on Row 34’s IG.

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