Be a Wallflower at State Park

Be a part of State Park’s opening – literally – as they reinstitute their Get Your Face on the Wall program. Just as they did a little over five years ago at Hungry Mother, the industrious team at State Park plan to line their wall with their best and most supportive friends. Here’s how it works: you’ve got one chance to bid for one of the 400 coveted spots so send your best and final bid (bidding starts at $50) plus your full name and phone number to Bids must be emailed by noon on Monday, December 9th to qualify. The top bidders, who will have completed their pledged donate via PayPal, will be invited to State Park once the restaurant is open (sometime in mid-December) to get their pretty, smiling face photographed and placed on the wall for all to admire. 90% of funds will help them fund their opening and 10% will be donated to Food for Free, a Cambridge-based non-profit that rescues food that would be wasted and distributes it in the emergency food system.

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