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1 Shepard Street Cambridge, MA 02138

Moëca in Cambridge is the fish- and seafood-centric sister restaurant to Giulia, the Italian culinary darling created by the husband and wife team of Chef Michael Pagliarini and Pam Ralston. Located at 1 Shepherd Street in Cambridge — just off of Mass Ave, between Harvard and Porter Squares, Moëca blends the best of a neighborhood restaurant vibe with the flavors of haute cuisine.

The ingredient-driven menu is hyper-focused on sourcing local fish to create and support a sustainable food system in New England, which is summed up in the name — the Italian word for the delicious (but invasive) European green crab. You’ll find these and other select seafood stars presented artfully and imaginatively amongst the raw bar, small plates and large plates, all of which change with the seasons and availability but you can often find staples like oysters and whole grilled fish. Moëca is also home to pastry chef Renae Connolly, who makes some of the most amazing ice creams in the city, so be sure to save room for a few scoops for dessert.

The space is imagined by Wolf In Sheep Design and conjures the feel of the dark depths of the Atlantic, with slate blue walls, cool marble booth tabletops contrasted by dark wood tables and warmer custom wood furniture and archways. A large window at the back of the room allows you to peer into a tiled open kitchen to watch your dinner come to life, or if you prefer a highball-eyes-view you can pull up one of 12 barstools at the L-shaped marble bar.

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