Have a Syc-style 4th of July

Sebastian Duda/Adobe Stock

You can celebrate this Independence Day in style thanks to the team at Sycamore and Dave’s Butcher Block take-home specials courtesy of chef-owner Dave Punch and chef de cuisine Simon Armen. Go beyond hotdogs and hamburgers this year with Patty’s famous lemon-pepper chicken skewers, Cuban mojo shrimp skewers, chicken-pecorino sausage and local fish ceviche with jalapeño, coconut milk and cucumbers for flavor-packed grillables this weekend. Don’t forget to add on some of their Snack Attack options with ½ pints of Mexican street corn dip (with tortilla chips) smoked bluefish pâté (with ritz crackers) and spicy summer squash hummus (with pita chips).

Support one of your local favorites while indulging in some of their culinary wonders. Check out the full take-home menu below and email lizzie@sycamorenewton.com before 5:00pm Wednesday, June 30th. Then all you have to do is up your goodies anytime after 1:00pm on Friday, July 2nd or Saturday, July 3rd. Grab your sparklers and get the grill ready for a tasty feast at home.


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