Ghostfish Reinvents Gluten-Free Beer

With so many craft brews on the market, beermakers have gotten all kinds of creative with their offerings – experimenting with new styles and rethinking some of their tried and true techniques. While this has been a boon for all suds lovers everywhere it’s been a particular windfall for under-served gluten-free folks who’ve historically had a very limited number of options from which to choose. 

Take Ghostfish Brewing Company. The Seattle-based beermaker hit the scene and turned it upside down. Instead of just making a stable of brews with one gluten-free option thrown in for good measure, Ghostfish embraced the movement and made it their thing. Using unusual grains like millet, buckwheat and brown rice, they produce their beers in dedicated gluten-free facilities and source Northwest-grown hops and regional ingredients to create a diverse portfolio of boundary-pushing craft beers.

Now five years old and the largest producer of dedicated gluten-free beer in the US, Ghostfish’s award-winning lineup is as varied and on trend as any chock-full-of-gluten brewery. Thanks to Night Shift Distributing—yes, that’s right, Night Shift—Ghostfish is now available in New England. 

Check out a few Ghostfish selections perfect for winding down summer and kicking off your Fall then pull up The Ghostfish Beer Finder to get your hands on some today…

GhostfishGhost Pepper Saison

With fruity Belgian-style aromatics up front and a notable effervescence, this brew is packed with huge pepper flavor and moderate heat that’s balanced with fruity esters and a dry finish. As much fun to cook with as to drink, it’s a standout ingredient for marinades and sauces.

GhostfishLunar Harvest Pumpkin Ale

A traditional mix of fall spices and pumpkin purée that blend seamlessly with the natural spicy and fruity notes of the Belgian ale yeast. This brew is both warming and refreshing; basically pumpkin pie in a can!

GhostfishWatchstander Stout

Dark roasts of malted millet, buckwheat and brown rice contribute chocolate, toasted marshmallow and coffee flavors, while gluten-free rolled oats give it a nice fluffy mouthfeel – making this the ideal beer to pair with dessert…or simply enjoy as dessert.


Ghostfish Beer Finder

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