Pre-Order Sufganiyot

Area Four - Instagram

Complete your Hanukkah festivities with handmade sufganiyot from Area Four. Fried in oil to celebrate the miracle of one night’s oil lasting for eight nights, this is the perfect treat to sweeten up your holiday celebrations. You can pre-order the deliciously fried jelly doughnuts for pick-up Sunday, December 18th through Monday, December 26th (excluding December 25th). In addition to the traditional raspberry filled doughnuts, Area Four is offering a halva cream filled one topped with powdered sugar. You can order one doughnut for $4, a half dozen for $23, or a full dozen for $45. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or are just in the mood for some fried dough, Area Four has you covered. For any Qs, check out their IG.

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