Tour the Mediterranean by Way of Rozafa Bistro

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On Monday, August 5th, grab your glasses and hold on tight as Rozafa Bistro whisks you away on a tasting tour of the Mediterranean. It’s a four-course cruise with stops in France for foie gras and chardonnay, Spain for paella and rosé, Sardinia for lamb and blended red, and finally Greece for baklava and moschofilero. Your tickets for the voyage are $45, and the ship leaves at 6:30pm. Check out the menu below and the rest of the details online here.

1st Course
Foie Gras
Croissant Toast Points, Fig Compote
Wine Pairina: Dom Brunet Chardonnay

2nd Course
Fresh Local Seafood, Saffron Risotto
Wine Pairing: Borsao Rosé

3rd Course
Roasted Double-Cut Lamb Chop
Seared Couscous, Cucumber Yogurt Sauce, Tomato Confit
Wine Pairing: Argiolas, Perdera

Wine Pairing: Semeli, Mantinia, Moschofilero

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