Burn & Brew & Beer Garden-ing

If push-ups and pizza sound like your ideal Saturday combo, check out Orange Theory Fitness’s Burn & Brew event at Area Four on Saturday, September 10th. The heart-pumping, 90-minute sweat sesh starts at 11:15am and wraps up right at 12:45pm which means you’ll be well-positioned and primed for Area Four’s Tech Square Beer Garden pop-up, which starts at 1:00pm and runs ’til 6:00pm. If you’re already a member of Orange Theory Fitness Kendall, Brighton or Back Bay (or if you want to become a member at any of those OTF locations), sign up for the class online here. If you’re mostly in it for the beer and the ‘za, the beer garden is open to the public and you don’t have to RSVP or sign up – just head on over for an afternoon full of craft beer, pizza and sunshine.

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