Smoked Hot Dog Boxes for the 4th

Vincent's Corner Cafe and Grocery

Sticking around town for the 4th? Well, hang tight, because Vincent’s Corner Cafe and Grocery, in the space that used to be Café du Pays, has got a grill package with your name on it. Vincent’s delivers all kinds of delicious eats, as the neighborhood’s favorite seasonal bistro by night and Texas Roadside Brunchery on the weekends. Though they will be closed on the 4th, they are offering a delicious grill pack to make your at-home BBQ the feast you and your family and friends deserve. In your pack will be four homemade smoked hot dogs, large hot dog rolls, homemade braised onions and house relish for topping (along with yellow mustard of course). Plus, they’re adding in some BBQ chips for snacking! Head on over to their website to order yours!

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