Toro Hosts Fiesta Hour

The peeps at Toro are making the most of patio season with an al fresco Fiesta Hour every day from 4:00-6:00pm. Swing by the South End to chill out for a bit over an exclusive selection of snacks (Shishito Peppers $5, Ventresca stuffed Piquillo Peppers $8, and Txistorra Hot Dogs $8) and ice cold beverages (Highlife Ponies $2 each or $10 for a bucket, ‘Gansetts $3, Truly Spiked Seltzer $3, as well as $7 glasses of Wine, and $8 Cocktails). Just be sure to get there early (and bring your mask) so you can snag a table and have a Barcelona-meets-Boston-style happy hour right on Washington Street.

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