Vegan Mamaleh’s at Kibitz Corner

Mamaleh's Kibitz Corner

Even vegans could use a little matzah ball soup from time to time, and now they can get all the chicken-free Jewish penicillin they want, alongside a handful of other classic deli faves, at Vegan Mamaleh’s, the first rotating pop-up at Mamaleh’s Kibitz Corner. Chefs Tyler and Rachel Sundet have been hard at work vegan-izing some beloved bites like Ruben and Rachel sandwiches, and have even perfected a “chicken” schnitzel sandwich served on a challah bun — not only are the results amazing, they also make for the perfect excuse to check out the new space (part events space and part test kitchen) at 233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue. Get in on all the vegan nosh any Thursday through Sunday from 10:00am to 2:00pm, and if you ask nicely they’ll even sub a challah bun for a couple of latkes! Keep an eye on their IG for updates on new menu items and upcoming pop-ups.

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