Warming Winter Drinks

A big part of living in New England is accepting that for many months the weather outside can be a little (and sometimes a lot) frightful. Thankfully there are a whole lot of warming winter drinks sprinkled around the city to make going out so very delightful, from hot cider, tea, coffee and cocoa riffs, to some traditional (and a few offbeat) hot toddies, to a few concoctions that taste like you could climb in the mug for a tropical escape. Take a spin through the toasty beverages in the collection below and make note of where to warm up wherever you might be around The Hub this winter.

Alcove – Nana’s Nightcap

The folks at Alcove know that it can get pretty chilly near the water, so they have a whole trio of hot sips to take the icy edge off. Head to the West End to to wrap your fingers around the Wassail, made with Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac and mulled cider; the Lift Line, made with pastis, hot cocoa and milk; and Nana’s Nightcap made with Alcove Rum Blend, Rooibos tea and dulce de leche, and get warmed up from the inside as you take in their views of the Zakim Bridge.


Bambara – Tequila Hot Chocolate

Ella Fitzgerald was probably thinking of a little something with a kick when she sang her jazzy hit Hotta Chocolatta — perhaps a drink like the Tequila Hot Chocolate at the new Le Chalet on the Charles pop up at Bambara in the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel. This spicy little number is made with tequila, ancho reyes, rich house-made hot chocolate and plenty of whipped cream — pick ‘er up and drink ‘er down!

Bistro du Midi – Mulled Sangria

Sangria is in season all year round at Bistro du Midi, it’s just a little warmer this time of year. Pop by chef Robert Sisca’s Back Bay bistro after a walk through the Boston Common or a skate at the Frog Pond and shake off the chill with a Mulled Sangria, made with mulled red wine, brandy and mulling spices, and garnished with an orange slice, cinnamon stick and star anise.


Citizen – Art of the Toddy

Let the cold winds blow outside all they want when you have a nice hot Art of the Toddy inside at Citizen Public House. Keep your home fires burning with their take on the quintessential winter warmer made with Compass Box Artist Blend Scotch, honey, lemon and hot water — a simple but elegant take on a classic.


The Dial – Panelazo

If you’re looking for some warm sips that will fit into your rock and roll lifestyle visit The Dial at the 907 Hotel in Central Square for their Panelazo. Their offbeat concoction made with aguardiente, panela, star anise and orange zest pairs perfectly with their globally-inspired eats and is definitely something a little more elevated than your average hot cocoa.

Foundry on Elm – Caribbean Hot Chocolate

If you need a warm up physically and mentally, try a Caribbean Hot Chocolate at Foundry on Elm in Somerville for something toasty with a tropical island vibe. Made with Plantation OFTD Rum, allspice dram, coffee liqueur, Rumchata and topped with banana whipped cream, nutmeg and cinnamon, it’s the next best thing to sneaking away for a weekend in the tropics.


Harvest – Rock Your Toddy

Grab your girls and grab a couple more and head to Harvest in Harvard Square for a totally Timberlakeian take on a hot toddy. Made with Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Earl Grey, honey-orange peel syrup and Gran Classico bitters, the Rock Your Toddy is a heated treat that you should go ahead and give a whirl.


The Lexington – Wink ‘n Todd

If you’re having some outdoor fun around Cambridge Crossing this season, stop in for a warm up at The Lexington for their original twist on a hot toddy – the Wink ‘n Todd. Inspired by South American aromáticas, it’s made with Nixta Licor de Elote, Caravedo Puro Quebranta Pisco, apricot liqueur, Scrappy’s chocolate bitters and hot water, with a dehydrated orange dusted with cinnamon for garnish. It’s like an earthy, fruity dessert tamale in a teacup.


Lime – L’Orange

You can add some global flair to your toasty winter tipple at Lime in Chelsea, where they offer a whole host of International Coffees featuring your choice of liqueurs and housemade whipped cream. You can keep it simple with the Classic (which includes Baileys), go for the Italian (which incorporates Frangelico & Amaretto), opt for the Irish (which comes with Jameson Irish Whiskey), or the L’Orange (which benefits from the addition of Bauchant Orange Liqueur & Jameson Orange). There’s plenty to choose from so you’ll definitely find one that’ll suit your palate as its warms you up.


The Merchant – Wassail & Honey Hot Toddy

Come in from the cold at The Merchant in Downtown Crossing for a warm up Honey Hot Toddy or a Wassail. Their take on the toddy is made with Wild Turkey, honey, hot water and honey syrup, which will cure what ails you and get you ready for showtime if you’re heading out to the theater. Or opt for their heated cider that’s mulled with an assortment of special spices and mixed with your choice of spirit for a customized seasonal sip.

Nautilus Pier 4 – Hot Toki

It can get a little chilly under the sea this time of year, so stop in and see your friends at Nautilus Pier 4 for a pair of winter warmers to fire up your fins. The Hot Toki is made with Suntory whisky, Togarashi honey, yuzu, citrus and clove for a subterranean take on the hot toddy. Or try a Hot n Buttered made with warm local cider, flor de cana, butter and spice to heat things up before a stroll on the waterfront.


ReelHouse – Orange Spiced Hot Toddy

Stave off the cold winds blowing off the waterfront (and also any scurvy) like a true salty fisherman with an Orange Spiced Hot Toddy at ReelHouse. This warm concoction is made with Sazerac rye whiskey, Cointreau, orange bitters, star anise and hot water to heat you up from the inside and can even soothe a scratchy throat if you’ve been out on the docks all day.


Talulla – Peppermint Irish Cream, Hot Toddy & Hug of War

Talulla doesn’t have an actual bar (there’s only 12 tables total in the cozy dining room), but that isn’t stopping them from turning out some top-notch hot cocktails this season, which you can get at the table or order to go. Their Peppermint Irish Cream and Hot Toddy are available separately, or teamed up as a Winter Survival Kit for $50. If cider is more your speed, they also have the Hug of War made with local cider, bourbon, honey, lemon and clove to warm you through the chilly months in Cambridge.


Town Meeting Bistro – Hot Buttered Rum

Head to The Inn at Hastings Park for a fireside good time at their Bonfire Experience, and keep your hands and tummy warm with a Hot Buttered Rum or two from Town Meeting Bistro. Their classic spin on the winter warmer is made with hot water, butter, brown sugar, dark rum, ground cinnamon, honey, clove and vanilla, and topped with sweetened whipped cream and ground nutmeg — a perfect pairing with your own toasted marshmallows!


Vincent’s – Hot Buttered Rum

Vincent’s in Cambridge has the perfect way to shake off the chill with their adorable take on Hot Buttered Rum. Made with aged rum, Swedish Punsch and maple butter, this marvelous mug of warmth requires a little DIY — an adorable piece of maple butter in the shape of a leaf is served on the side, which you drop in your drink and gently stir for maximum cozy vibes.


Wig Shop – Rise & Grind

If you need a little go juice to heat up a shopping sesh in DTX, pop by The Wig Shop for a Rise & Grind. The hot sipper is made with Old Monk 7-year rum, cold brew, Caffè Borghetti, cinnamon demerara, heavy whipped cream, a chocolate covered pretzel and sea salt. Each mug packs up to 60 milligrams of caffeine (limited to one per person) — the perfect pick me up to get you through a show at the Paramount or to pregame a late night at Bijou.

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