Monkey Shoulder Cocktail Contest

Monkey Shoulder Whiskey

Here’s a good excuse to take a bit of a bar crawl in Cambridge this month: The mixology masters at Pammy’s, The Dial, State Park and Cambridge Common are each making a special cocktail with Monkey Shoulder whiskey, and they need you to do the tough work of deciding which one of their limited-edition concoctions is your favorite.

Will the winner be The Spirit of Dufftown at The Dial, made with Monkey Shoulder, Benedictine, Gran Classico, honey and saline? Or perhaps the Chaise L’Orange at State Park, which features cacao nib-infused Monkey Shoulder and Pierre Ferrand dry curacao served alongside a Miller High Life pony with an orange twist? Only your expert taste buds can say for sure.

The winner gets bragging rights for the year (The Dial is the defending champion, just FYI), plus a dollar from every special cocktail sold will be donated to Project Bread, which connects people to federal nutrition programs to fight poverty. The voting is open through Tuesday, November 15th, so get your research in ASAP and keep your eye on everyone’s socials (Pammy’s, The Dial, Cambridge Common, State Park) to see who takes home the top honors.

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