A Waterfront Perch for National Rosé Day

Nautilus Pier 4

In case you forgot to set yourself a reminder, National Rosé Day is right around the corner – coming up on Saturday, June 11th. Don’t fret though, there’s still time to plan an appropriately pink evening at Nautilus Pier 4 where they take their rosé-ing-all-day-ing seriously enough to have their very own, exclusive canned rosé. 

Available only at Nautilus Pier 4 and their sister restaurant on Nantucket, the sommelier-approved sip (approved by founding partner and wine expert Stephen Bowler, specifically) is produced from Larkin Wines’ Pinot Noir 2020 Vintage. It takes its cues from the pinot noir rosés of Sancerre, balancing full taste with crisp acidity and fruity notes of strawberry, peach and cranberry. 

Book a table in their harbor-adjacent dining room or snag a spot on their patio (weather permitting) on Rosé Day itself or literally any other day (except Sundays ’cause they’re closed) to take it for a spin. Book your spot online here or by calling 857.957.0998.

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