Tour Liguria with Ristorante Lucia

Ristorante Lucia

The folks at Ristorante Lucia are ready to take you on a culinary tour of the Liguria region of Italy, and who better to show you the ins and outs of Italy than the pros who have been serving up authentic Italian eats to Boston’s North End since 1977? The crew has been working their way through the flavors of the 20 regions of Italy since 2018 with dinners and cooking classes, and now you can join Lucia’s Tour d’Italia at their Winchester location for either a pasta making class, or a five-course wine dinner — or both.

Grab a ticket here for the pasta making class on Sunday, October 2nd, which starts at 6:30pm. The ticket price ($70) includes meal creation, notebooks, recipes, aprons, and a family-style feast, and you’ll learn the secrets of perfect Pansoti (Ligurian ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese, chard, endive and parmesan cheese), plus classic pesto, which originally comes from Liguria.

Later in the week on Thursday, October 6th you won’t want to miss the prix fixe dinner packed with Ligurian flavors and wines. Pick up a ticket here for $120 and head to the dining room at 13 Mt Vernon St for a 6:30pm start of Salvia Fritta (fried sage leaves) and Frisceu (dough fritters) paired with a 2019 Vermentino. Later you’ll dig into marinated artichokes and Ligurian focaccia bread, trenette pasta with pesto and potato, braised rabbit, and more — check out the full menu below.

Follow Ristorante Lucia on IG for updates and info on upcoming stops on the Tour, or join their mailing list (scroll down on the website) for email updates. Call the Winchester location at 781.729.0515 with any Qs.

Liguria Wine Dinner Menu

Salvia Fritta (fried sage leaves)
Frisceu (dough fritters)
Paired with Vermentino 2019

Accighe Marinate (marinated artichokes)
Focaccia Ligure (Ligurian focaccia bread)
Paired with Cruvin 2019

Trenette Al Pesto Con Patate (Trenette pasta with pesto and potato)
Corzetti (Ligurian stamped round pasta discs with pine nuts, sage and parmigiano shave)
Paired with Pettirosso Allegro 2018

Coniglo Alla Ligure (Ligurian braised rabbit)
Paired with Lumassina Frizzante 2020

Pignolata Della Val D’Aveto (traditional fried dough balls with honey and pine nuts)
Frittele Con Pinoli e Uvetta (pine nut and raisin fritters)
Paired with Punta Crena Colline Savonesi Mataòssu Vigneto Reiné 2020

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