Noir in Cambridge’s Harvard Square is a decidedly chic and sophisticated cocktail lounge nestled inside the The Charles Hotel.

The space was designed by architect and artist Thierry Despont with elegant touches like soft, dark banquets, calming sand-colored walls, as well as geometric and metallic accents to give it a very Bogart and Bacall-era feel.

An award-winning bartending team is the brains behind the rotating cocktail menu, which has plenty of innovative riffs alongside the timeless classics. There is also an impressive list of premium wines, spirits and beers. While the drinks are the star at Noir, you can also nibble on delectable bites of lounge-approved snacks, flatbreads, sandwiches, soups, salads and shareable platters.

It’s the perfect spot for stealing away to a cozy corner and sipping a fancy cocktail or two before heading out into the bustling college bar scene, or for ending the evening over a single malt and a bite of something sweet.

1 Bennett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138