Shoebox Lunches at Nosh & Grog

Ami Tredo

In honor of Black History Month, chef Chelven Randolph and the team at Nosh & Grog will be paying tribute to the Black & African American community with their take on Shoebox Lunches.

Filled with homemade food that didn’t need to be refrigerated, Shoebox Lunches were portable meals that African Americans used to pack during the Jim Crow era when they were able to travel freely, but still weren’t welcome to eat in many restaurants or shops. Randolph’s versions are inspired by the meals his mother Linda’s family packed on their road trips to visit family in Alabama and Georgia – things like fried chicken or pork chops, johnnycakes, deviled eggs, pound cake, cookies and fresh fruit.

Get yourself over to Canton before the end of February to enjoy a great lunch and recall this small but mighty way that men and women of the Black community persevered through the obstacles they faced. Check out Nosh & Grog’s Insta for more info or give the restaurant a call at 508.359.4100 if you have any Qs.

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