Forage Natural Wine Club


If you missed your chance to sign up for the Forage Wine Club, lucky for you there are still a few spots left for this month. Every month co-owner and wine know-it-all Stan Hilbert picks a few of his favorite natural wines (usually biodynamically-farmed using organic methods and minimal manipulation) and bundles ’em up (in batches of 4, 8 or 12 bottles depending on your commitment level) for oenophiles to try at home. He provides detailed sheets with all sorts of info about the wineries and how the wines are made so you’ll become an expert as you imbibe. 

Sign up just by submitting your order online here. Just click on the drop down menu to select the Forage Wine Club. Join the club and snuggle up this cozy season with some hard-to-find natural wines. Better yet, get some of your family or friends to join in on the winter taste adventure.

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