On the Road with Barbara Lynch

Chef Barbara Lynch of No. 9 Park sticks a little closer to home, heading to Milwaukee on Sunday, April 13th, for a Friends of James Beard Dinner. She joins hosts Sanford and Angela D’Amato of Sanford Restaurant and a hosts of guest chefs who put their heads together to create a menu of lobster with rosemary vapor; mustard seed-crusted salmon with minted pea coulis and smattering of buttered, stewed spring vegetables; prune-stuffed gnocchi with seared foie gras and vin santo glaze; roast squab with mustard fruits, toasted hazelnuts, micro greens, and drizzled saba; braised pork breast with ramps and morels and rice pound cake with tea brûlée and pu erh broth. For lucky Milwaukeeans the evening costs $185 per person.

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