Mushroom Dinner at L’Espalier

Chef Frank McClelland heads off into the wilderness to search for chanterelles, boletes and the elusive coral mushroom on L’Espalier’s annual camping trip. McClelland, whose grandmother taught him how to forage for mushrooms, teams up with sommelier Nick Tranquillo, who learned the art of foraging from his older brother, and Ben “the mushroom guy” Maleson, whose been supplying wild fungi to L’Espalier for more than 10 years. Upon their return, the trio will host a four course Mushroom Dinner on Wednesday, August 31st. McClelland will be in charge of the cooking, while Tranquillo will pair some meaty wines to bring out the mushrooms’ earthiness, and Maleson will discuss each mushroom specifically and the art of foraging in general. The dinner costs $55 per person and seating is limited, so call L’Espalier at 617.262.3023 to make reservations.

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