Cat Silirie at the BCAE

If you’ve ever been completely stymied trying to order wine in your favorite ethnic restaurant or wondered what kind of wine you should get with your take out, join Cat Silirie, wine director of No. 9 Park, at the BCAE for three classes exploring the delicate art of wine pairing. Each two-session class starts with a classroom introduction to a selection of appropriate wines followed one week later by a second segment, in which students head out to area restaurants for a little field research. Each class costs $73 per person for BCAE members and $78 for non members. The cost of dinner in the second session is not included in the tuition; expect to spend $28-35. The first class in each session meets at 5 Commonwealth Avenue from 6:00-7:30pm. Restaurants for the second sections have not yet been chosen. Call the BCAE at 617.267.4430 for class information and registration.

Two Classes and a Pizza – On Wednesday March 12th, discuss grape varieties and wine producing regions of Italy over five potentially pizza-friendly red wines. For the second class, on March 19th, head out to a local pizza joint to put the theories to the test.

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