Restaurant Jobs in Cambridge - East Cambridge

3 jobs open in Cambridge - East Cambridge.

Gufo – Line Cooks & Pizza Cooks

Gufo, the Coda Group’s (SRV, The Salty Pig) newest restaurant in East Cambridge is hiring for Line Cooks & Pizza Cooks. Gufo (Owl in Italian) is a full-service restaurant by night specializing in handmade pasta, pizza and comforting-yet-inventive antipasti. During the day, Gufo offers a counter service cafe with coffee, pastries, and sandwiches as well… Read more

Bambara Kitchen & Bar – Bartender

Why We’re Here We believe heartfelt, human connections make people’s lives better. Especially the people who work here. Our founder, Bill Kimpton rebelled against impersonal, generic hospitality that makes people feel disconnected. He initiated a new boutique hotel standard and environment where people could connect, from the heart. That was the goal then, and it… Read more

The Lexington – Service Manager

Located in the heart of Cambridge Crossing, our building is a collection of three distinctive restaurants—The Lexington Bar+Restaurant, Geppetto, and Cafe Beatrice—all under one beautifully designed roof. Each concept offers its own unique space, curated menu, and dining experience. The Lexington Bar & Restaurant is the namesake restaurant located upstairs, featuring a 17-seat bar and… Read more