Restaurant Jobs in Boston - Leather District

Troquet on South – Assistant Manager

Boston - Leather District
Posted on January 28, 2022

Troquet on South/Offsuit is looking for an assistant manager. Troquet on South is a 21-year old fine dining restaurant and bar near South Station, and is in the Wine Enthusiast Hall of Fame. Offsuit is a speakeasy attached to Troquet, and won Best Cocktails from Boston Magazine last year. Troquet / Offsuit is looking for… Read more

Offsuit at Troquet on South – Bartender

Boston - Leather District
Posted on January 27, 2022

OFFSUIT, a speakeasy within the back of Troquet on South restaurant, is seeking one experienced bartender to join the team. OFFSUIT won Best Cocktails last year in Boston Magazine, and is full every night. Please send your resume or contact information, and they’ll be sure to review it quickly. Cheers!… Read more