Get MingsBings at the Grocery Store

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Even though Blue Dragon has yet to re-open in the post-covid era, you can still get a taste of Ming Tsai‘s cooking (without having to crack open one of his cookbooks). The award-winning chef and TV personality, after turning his Fort Point restaurant into a relief center for restaurant workers, has been been busy perfecting a delicious and quick vegan meal option, MingsBings, inspired by his wife Polly’s strict vegan diet.

Polly, who’d transitioned to a meat- and dairy-free diet as she battled cancer, wasn’t able to find easy-to-make, vegan meal options in the supermarket, so chef Tsai put his skills to work perfecting the tasty “bings”, inspired by a Mandarin flatbread that’s usually stuffed with savory fillings. The veggie-packed, crispy brown rice-wrapped pancakes come frozen in four flavors: original veggie-filled Bing, Buffalo Cauliflower Bing, Plant-based Sausage and Peppers Bing, and Fiesta Bing (packed with plant-based chorizo beans and corn). They’re heat-and-eat ready for a hearty and healthy meal or a satisfying snack.

MingsBings are available in supermarkets all over New England — Wegmans, Roche Brothers, Dave’s Fresh Market, Alltown Fresh, Fairway Market and select Whole Food Markets and Market Baskets — just use their trusty Bing Finder to see if there are any near you. If you can’t find them in a freezer section close-at-hand, you can still have them delivered to yourself or a friend in some desperate need of these delicious little superfood-packed patties — MingsBings offers free shipping nationwide. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to Family Reach and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund so you’ll be doing good while eating well.

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