Sycamore Memorial Day Grillables

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Even if you want to be grill master over the holiday weekend, let chef-owner Dave Punch and his Sycamore crew beef up (literally and figuratively) your Memorial Day spread. They’ve launched a summery, fit-for-a-holiday-weekend menu with the return of Dave’s Butcher Shop. The menu is filled with snacks like pickle veggies, olives and bluefish pate to get the party started; an array of housemade sausages to toss on the grill; and meaty eats like lemon-pepper chicken skewers, pork chops and Adobo-marinated steak tips to feature as the main event. Get your veggies with their street corn kit and they’ve even done the work of picking wines and making cocktail mixes so you can guzzle while you grill. You can still put on an apron and stand right by the grill but let the professionals lighten the load a little (or a lot). Place your pre-order by emailing or calling 617.244.4445 (before 5:00pm on Tuesday, May 25th) and make arrangements to swing by Friday, May 28th or Saturday, May 29th anytime after 1:00pm.

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