Fresh Pastas & Sauces To-Go

Tony & Elaine’s Instagram

No need to mess with pasta perfection — unless that means making it available in handy kits to take home and prepare at your convenience — in which case, the folks at Tony & Elaine’s are way ahead of you. From its North Washington spot in the North End, the Italian American mainstay is now making the red-sauce-and-fresh-pasta meal kits for you to enjoy at home. Mix and match your way to your ideal meal with options like tagliatelle and mezzi rigatoni and classic sauces like vodka and bolognese. They’ll do all the prep so you can just heat and eat. The to-go sauces and housemade pastas are available to order on their website for take-out and delivery. Stock up this week and have a fridge filled with hearty meals at-the-ready for whenever you need ’em. 

To-Go Pasta Menu:

Marinara (one pint) – $6
Vodka sauce (one pint) – $8
Bolognese (one pint) – $12
Fresh Mezzi Rigatoni (½ pound) – $5
Fresh Tagliatelle (½ pound) – $7

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