JBF’s Industry Relief Fund 

James Beard Foundation

The James Beard Foundation, with founding partners San Pellegrino and Patron Tequila, has launched Food & Beverage Industry Relief Fund, designed to help businesses weather this crisis and prepare to reopen. Get all the info here and consider forking over the money you would have spent dining out – that’s everything from your daily coffee to lunch meetings, date nights and take-out – and donating it (and more, if you can!) online. To contribute by wire transfer or check, send an email to relief@jamesbeard.org.

If you’d like to apply for assistance, you can do so here (though they’re still pulling together some of the application materials).

The NYC-based non-profit, which has been showcasing the importance of food and restaurants as part of our culture for thirty years, had additional recommendations for ways that you can lend your support. See their email here and do what you can.

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