12 Must-Follow Boston Tastemakers

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s definitely true in the online world of food where photogenic, perfectly styled, pretty plates reign supreme — namely noodles, dumplings, donuts and pizza. If you’re looking for where to eat next, chances are you’re scouring Instagram (after looking at BostonChefs, of course) for the latest dining trends, new restaurant openings and iconic images (like those squid ink oyster bao at PAGU) of the best must-have meals. To fuel your hunger for this information, here are some of Boston’s top tastemakers to follow — people who are extremely passionate about all things Boston food. Be warned, these pictures will make you want to grab your keys and head for the door to try everything for yourself.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned! We’re launching a new column called Meet The Tastemakers this month to share the stories of those contributing to the conversation on Boston’s food scene.

Boston Foodies

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Since 2014, Tiffany Lopinsky aka Boston Foodies has been a top name in the Boston food coverage game. Her angle is “food trucks, fine dining, and everything in between”, and she’s created quite the Instagram following in her four years of posting her craftily curated eats. She started her blog (and wildfire Instagram account) during her sophomore year at Harvard, chronicling the best that Boston has to offer, and hasn’t stopped since.

Why follow? Beautiful photography, wide variety of locations, she’s the OG



Boston Food Journal

Website // Instagram // Facebook

The Boston Food Journal, founded by Brittany DiCapua in October of 2015, boasted over 20,000 followers in its first two years of existence. Surprisingly, DiCapua has a degree in biomedical/cellular engineering but found her niche in the world of food-blogging in an effort to exercise her creativity alongside the desire to build her entrepreneurial skills. Her Instagram showcases her on playful foodventures around Boston, especially where donuts and pizza are involved. Plus — unlike most food accounts — she’s frequently featured in her photos, giving you a taste of her *fierce* personality. Passionate about the discovery of good grub, she lives life by her Insta bio: “inhale carbs, exhale negativity.”

Why follow? Out-of-the-box finds, “wow” imagery, sass & spark



Nom Nom Boston

Instagram // Facebook

Yusra, the creator of Nom Nom Boston is on a mission to travel the world finding the most delectable dishes to share with her nearly 50,000 Instagram followers. No matter how far and wide she goes, though, she always returns home to her culinary headquarters: Boston. Since 2016, Nom Nom Boston’s social channels have been a hub for those with big appetites for food and adventure. She posts pictures of Pinterest-worthy interiors, gorgeous sights from around the globe and diverse meals both classic & eccentric.

Why follow? Serious travel inspiration, those awesome overhead table shots, an aspirational aesthetic



Boston Mouthful


Marissa H.’s Boston Mouthful began in November 2016 as a fun little project that quickly sprouted into a community of over 10,000 followers. Exploring Boston’s eateries with an unrestrained palate, she has assembled a collection of cheesy food puns and even cheesier dishes on her Instagram. Her followers enjoy frequent giveaways, constant recommendations, and endless photos of poached eggs, mac ‘n’ cheese and sweet treats.

Why follow? Ooey-gooey goodness in the form of melty meals, approachable dishes, pun game on point



Brunches of Boston

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Founder and CEO of Brunches of Boston, Alie Sockol, proudly accepts the title of “Boston’s Brunch Queen”, a nickname bestowed upon her by the many fans of her online brunch bible. The popular website and Instagram account strictly reviews brunch specials using a self-designed, 5-point rating system. They’ve got over ten writers who are passionate about finding not only the best brunch food, but the best brunch experience — you know, things like how’s the service, what are the portion sizes, what kind of pricing can you expect, do the drinks deliver? The Brunches of Boston team even partners with restaurants to hosts events like their signature Brunch Fit™ series.

Why follow? Killer morning spreads, brunch inspo (or envy), your go-to weekend guide



Boston Bites


“Biting my way through Beantown and Beyond” is the bio for Alana Steinberg’s popular Instagram page, Boston Bites. Steinberg is a photography student at Harvard, which makes her food blog a beacon of drool-worthy food pictures. If there isn’t a punny caption, you’re on the wrong page because she has been dishing out dining humor and scrumptious snapshots since 2014. She covers an assortment of dishes and drinks from pizza and seafood to matcha tea and wine.

Why follow? Food coverage beyond donuts, pizza and ramen



Wandering Boston Eater

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Brenda Nguyen considers herself a visual storyteller through her page Wandering Boston Eater. In 2016, she began logging her travels through food and sharing them with thousands of online foodie-fans. When she’s not seeking out the next delicious story, she manages clinical trial supply chain at a pharmaceutical company (yeah, super different from food blogging) and acts as the social media manager for PAGU in Cambridge.

Why follow? Travel guides, longer/story-style captions, inside scoop on deals & specials



The Fattest Friends


Besties Emily Temkin and Hanna Pastor have turned their hobby into a community with their hilariously-named page The Fattest Friends. The vibrant Instagram account is the definition of “squad goals,” with photo contributions from their closest pals. Since 2016, the duo has been eating their way through Boston’s best restaurants, specializing in close-ups of colorful meals and anything sweet. Plus, they’ve got a knack for finding some of the biggest portions you can find in the 617.

Why follow? Over-the-top eats



Tastes 2 To Tango


Tastes 2 to Tango is the delicious Instagram of the “traveling taste buds” Nina and Josh. This sister to Nina’s other account, Bakes 2 to Tango, follows the foodventures of the pair, and occasionally their little dog Blake, as they test Boston’s hottest food spots. Since Nina is a baker (and Josh conveniently likes to eat baked goods), they share a special affinity for sweet treats including (but not limited to) cannolis, pancakes and donuts.

Why follow? All the donuts, sweets heaven



Chicks With Food Pics

Instagram // Podcast

Angelica D’Amore and Taylor Catalano, cousins from a large Italian family, turned their inherited love of food into a full-time hobby through their Instagram account, Chicks with Food Pics. They started the page in 2017 and have since posted hundreds of meals from locations that extend from Boston all the way to New Hampshire.

Why follow? Pure decadence, awesome giveaways



Boston Foodgram

Instagram // Facebook

Created in 2015 by Emily Chan, Boston Foodgram is intent on highlighting Boston’s best dishes and drinks for the season. Chan combines fun photos with videos and boomerangs for a unique social media experience. Whether it’s brunch or dinner, she adds to her mouthwatering selection of posts by capturing meals in their best light and operates under the motto of “good food, good mood.”

Why follow? Awesome pour shots, so much cheesy-ness & drippy-ness



The Boston Food Party

Website // Instagram // Facebook

Three women — who hail from Miami and Panama but now live in Boston — make up the team that runs The Boston Food Party, and they’re dedicated to trying new cuisine and sharing their favorites with fans. They’re constantly on the lookout for the next best bite, and their page is home to every dish imaginable from burritos to squid to pasta. No meal goes unposted!

Why follow? Most posts feature multiple pictures (giving you a full overview of each dining experience)


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