Shift Drinks – Kevin Mabry’s Nauti Apple

Melissa Ostrow

When the crowds have cleared, industry folk need little bit of a lift: enter the shift drink. Over at Southie spots Lincoln Tavern and Capo, Beverage Director Kevin Mabry usually goes for a cider-and-shot, but he switches things up with a Nautical Gin cocktail that plays up the spirit’s autumnal qualities. Here, he offers a bev that’ll be the apple of your eye at the end of the workday or whenever you need a sippable pick-me-up.

I want something cold and quick at the end of the night. If I can just crack an ice cold Magners open and slam that down with a shot of whiskey, that’s what I like. I don’t think there’s anything more American – it’s usually apple pie and baseball. For me, it’s apple cider and bourbon.

My head bartender at Capo made a mulled apple syrup and it was dynamite. When I tasted the Nautical Gin, I immediately thought it would make a really perfect pairing with the cinnamon.

When I think gin, I think summer, but what really stood out to me about Nautical was the amount of baking spices that came out on the palate. I thought it would be great to incorporate it into a fall-style cocktail.

Nautical also has great citrus qualities. So anyone that really likes a citrus cocktail, like an Aviation or a Last Word, it would be a nice bridge-crossing for them into gin.

We all had a little toast the other night with the Nauti Apple. There’s not much Nautical Gin left on the bar right now.

lincoln-15-editedNauti Apple
1.5 ounces Nautical Gin
1.5 ounces mulled apple syrup
0.5 ounce lemon
Dash absinthe
Dash Angostura Bitters

Shake ingredients together and strain into a martini glass. [Bartender says: General rule of thumb, anything with citrus is always shaken. Anything that’s all spirits is always stirred.] Garnish with apple slices.

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