Chiara’s Got a Brand New Bar

Used to be if you wanted a cocktail in Westwood, you’d have to mix your own – in the privacy of your own home. With the completion of Chiara’s new bar and lounge, suburbanites can sip sophisticated, seasonal libations that rival those of any big city mixologist. There are bellinis and martinis, as well as a raspberry-lime Rickey and the Polka Dot Bikini (Ciròc vodka, white grape juice and grape rocks). To accompany the cocktail menu chefs Steve LaCount and Joe Rocco have whipped up a small plates menu, available only in the bar and lounge. Among the array of options, each priced at $6, are lobster arancini with orange-saffron aioli; chilled Spanish gazpacho with avocado; and Serrano ham and ripe, seasonal melon. To snag a seat at Westwood’s first bar or for more information, call Chiara at 781.461.8118.

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