The Pantry Collection from The Metropolitan Club

Bring a little taste of The Metropolitan Club home with chef Todd Winer’s Pantry Collection, a new line of delicious goodies – they make great hostess gifts or they can be a little treat for you and your family when you’re preparing dinner at home. Winer’s Pantry Collection includes The Metropolitan Club’s Salts (Spice Market Steak Rub, White Truffle Salts, Szechwan Pepper Salt and Bloody Mary Salt) which can be purchased individually or as a set of four in a beautiful bamboo gift box. Winer’s also working on The Metropolitan Club Cranberry Walnut Crisps – a thin flat crisp bread with cranberries and walnuts; and The Metropolitan Club Crunch – a mix of raw sunflower seeds, candied peanuts, walnuts, toasted almonds, spicy pepita and pistachios. To get your hands on these delicacies from the pantry, call The Metropolitan Club at 617.731.0600.

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