Academy Awards Watching at UpStairs on the Sq.

Tune in to the 79th Annual Academy Awards at UpStairs on the Square where proprietresses Mary Catherine Deibel and Deborah Hughes will be hosting a Hollywood worthy gathering in the Monday Club Bar. The festivities start at 5:00pm, when the first starlet starts her red carpet procession. Feel free to wear your brightest bling and your finest formal wear – just keep in mind chef Steven Brand will be whipping up some cinematic menu items, so you might not want to wear anything too restrictive. You’ll have to have room for Whitaker & Winslet Wellfleet oysters with iced cucumber and lime; Little Miss Sunshine’s sirloin cheeseburger; and Dreamgirls upside-downside cake with pineapple and cherries. There’ll be a ballot and prizes for he (or she) that picks the most winners. Call UpStairs on the Square at 617.864.1933 for more information.

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