White Truffles Abound at Aujourd’hui

Chef William Kovel invites guests at Aujourd’hui to indulge in a menu of pure luxury with his White Truffles from Alba Menu, available for a limited time. Designed to enhance the white truffle flavor, each of the four courses (including dessert) is served and then topped with a healthy portion of shaved white truffle. Kovel’s courses: cepe tart with garlic puree Doktorenhof vinegar and chives; hand-rolled gargagnelli; roasted pheasant with salsify, Brussels sprouts and Madeira jus; and toasted walnut financier and white truffle-laced ice cream. This kind of splendor doesn’t come cheap – the special menu costs $265 per person. Call Aujourd’hui at 617.351.2037 to get the details.

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