Spotlight on Sicily at Rialto’s Hungry Sundays

Chef Jody Adams treats weekend diners at Rialto to her rendition of some Sicilian classics for September’s Hungry Sundays, her weekly three-course prix fixe. As always, guests will get to choose from an assortment of small plates to start – fried focaccia and mozzarella sandwiches with anchovy and capers; arancini; and seafood bruschetta with capers and pickled green tomatoes. The evening’s entrée is grilled swordfish skewers with eggplant fennel stew, currants and pinenuts, followed by pastry chef Tal Shofman-Schejter’s Sicilian Sweet (ambiguous and delicious, no doubt). Hungry Sundays cost $45 per person Call Rialto at 617.661.5050 to make reservations or more information. Check back to see what’s on the menu next month.

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